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Terms of Sale

Terms of Sale and Available Service Agreements:

These system are not under any warranty and are  sold "AS IS".  If a problem is discovered when we install the system we will be responsible for any repairs to make sure the system is in working order. 

Of course, VirTra would rather sell you a new system and as they have stated before, they are "not in the business of selling used systems".

At the buyers option, service agreements are available from the manufacturer, VirTra.  These agreement are between the buyer and VirTra and we receive no compensation whatsoever and are not privy or involved in those discussions.

1)  Pay as you go support:  

VirTra currently charges $1,800.00 per day for a site visit and $200.00 per hour for phone support.

2)The second service option is phone support for one year which is $6,396.50.

3) The third option is a System Inspection, Installation,Verification, Software re-installs and training.  VirTra will Install system, Inspect, Re-install software and provide training for approximately $4,500.00.  VirTra estimates this is a five day process that occurs at your site.

4)  The fourth option is a full one year warranty.  Depending upon your equipment selection the warranty for the V-Range will cost approximately $4,500.00 which is 10% of our equipments original cost.  To obtain the one year warranty you must also pay the $4,500.00 Inspection/Installation.Training Fee.

If you purchased a brand new system from VirTra they will charge the same $4,500.00 fee, plus shipping costs (@$1,000.00) but the warranty is included for one year.  

Obtaining the optional manufacturers warranty and obtaining the inspections is at sole discretion and financial responsibility of the buyer. 


Lastly, if you are a private business, (not a law enforcement agency or community college) VirTra must approve your venue so that it does not interfere with their preferred business partner, Modern Round.



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