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The V-180 takes a 24' x 27' footprint.  We recommend at least a 30' x 30' area.

The V-Range requires a 4 1/2' x 16' footprint.

All of the weapons are tetherless.  They are recharged with a refill station that runs off a 20# CO2 tank.  The magazines may be dropped and reloaded just like a live round magazine.

ThreatFire is an electronic device worn by the trainee and can be activated if the trainee is "shot" during a scenario.

Scenarios have branches which allow an interactive experience that can be changed immediately based upon the trainee's action/inaction.


Contact Jeff Eddins at jeddins@tdanc.com.

State of the art training for: Law Enforcement, Military, Police Academies, Concealed Carry Classes, Community Colleges, National Guard, Gun Shows, Corporate Events, Private Parties, Boy Scouts, Grand Jurors, Church Security, Private Security and More!



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